10 educational indoor activities for children

With the colder, wetter weather prohibiting long stints outdoor, keeping children entertained and active is increasingly difficult. We have teamed up with King’s Tutors, to offer you 10 rainy day activities to keep your children entertained on those gloomy days, with an educational element as well.

Bake – Children love to be messy and get their hands dirty so baking is the perfect pastime for a dark and wet day! Give them different tasks and levels of responsibility based on their age, from baking a three story cake to icing cookies, making fruit jelly or decorating cupcakes. Reading recipes and working out measurements of ingredients adds that educational touch too.

Read – You can’t beat curling up on the sofa and reading a book together. Let their creativity shine by acting out the story or playing one of the characters. If they’re really imaginative, get them to create their own story and share your ideas, taking it in turns to add adventures to the tale.

Indoor picnics – While the weather may ruin plans for an afternoon in the park, bring the picnic to your living room! Put on a movie, documentary or child’s television channel to keep them entertained and educated while sitting on blankets and snacking on treats from the comfort of your own home.

Science experiments – This doesn’t have to be complicated and in fact there are thousands of easy homemade experiments that you can find online with the simplest of equipment. See what they find exciting and give it a go, you could even get them to make you your own bubble bath!

Geography games – Spin a globe or put a finger on a map and let your children compete to find the most interesting fact about a country. If they are younger get them to draw and colour in the flags of their favourite places or teach them the capital cities.

Scavenger hunt – While it does require some preparation, creating a set of short and simple riddles to find various household items can lead to fun for hours. Get them to figure out the clues or maybe even write their own for one another – for added difficulty make them rhyme!

Arts and crafts – The possibilities are endless here from creating a shoe box story scene, to origami or making a personalised calendar to a musical instrument. The least you will need is some pens and paper with room for more inventive or recyclable materials if you have them.

Sign Language – Keep the boredom at bay by learning how to sign together. Teach them how to sign their names and then move onto other words or phrases. Not only is it fun but an invaluable and impressive skill to have.

Board games – While board games are all about fun they most certainly can challenge your mind and make you think. The Brainbox ABC Game, Pictionary and Articulate are some of our favourites. A simple crossword or wordsearch could be used to fill time too.

Touch and feel box – Get them to explore their senses by creating a touch and feel box while providing an entertaining challenge. Cut a hole in the box big enough for a hand and get them to guess what you put inside. They can ask questions or you can give them clues, either way their imaginations will be running wild!


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