4 brain exercises for children

With Brain Awareness week commencing on 12th March, we have partnered with London’s Little Thinkers, an online resource which promotes educational and fun ideas for children, to provide 4 brain awareness exercises for ‘Little Thinkers’.

Shaving Foam Fun: simple yet effective, this is an excellent way to encourage emergent writing or letter/number formation. Cover a big tray in shaving foam and let your Little Thinker get messy whilst practicing their school work. When I taught Reception, the children’s increased enthusiasm to write (especially boys) when shaving foam was involved was amazing to see. My biggest tip would be to keep learning fun, interactive and sensory; when you do this the results are amazing! It’ll leave your house smelling delicious too! Even if your children are a little older why not allow them to develop their learning using this e.g. times tables, spellings.

Order Mrs Wordsmith: We are a big fan of Mrs Wordsmith vocabulary cards here at LLT. They are hilariously illustrated vocabulary cards which will nourish, support and develop your Little Thinkers vocabulary bank. This subscription-based programme has been academically researched by specialists and will be delivered straight to your door. Your Little Thinker will enjoy vocabulary exercises, daily placemats, flashcards and rewards too.

Large drawing: Keep your Little Thinker’s fine and gross motor skills developing by some large paper drawing. All you need is a wall, some pens and a large piece of paper. Cover the wall with paper and allow your child to fill the wall with pictures, numbers, letters…whatever they feel inspired to do. This will allow your child to express themselves whilst also developing all those important muscles needed to grow. You will notice that whilst your child is filling the paper (hopefully not your wall) with their ideas they will be stretching up, bending down, twisting around – perfect and fun way to develop. Why not put some music on whilst you are doing it! No age limit for this one!

Board games: everyone loves a board game and for children to have some time away from a screen is fundamental. Here are some of my favourites and essential additions to my classroom:

-> UNO – my classes favourite. Good way to encourage listening, patience and number skills.

-> DOBBLE – a speedy observation game, great for visual perception

-> HEDBANZ – a fast pace guessing game. A fun way to develop vocabulary.

-> WHATS UP – great fun and a brilliant way to develop imagination

More info about London’s Little Thinkers can be found at: www.londonslittlethinkers.co.uk

Also be sure to check out their social channels for more educational tips and advice: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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