What are the benefits of private healthcare during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be both an exciting and worrying time. Having more freedom to tailor care can alleviate concerns for expecting parents. This can include the choice to have private pregnancy care.

But what exactly can private healthcare offer new and expecting mums and dads? Here are some of the benefits of private healthcare, so you can decide what is best for you and your pregnancy.

More choice

A recent study found that approximately 5% of almost 2,000 patients decided to go private when giving birth. When asked why, new mothers provided two main answers:

  • They wanted more choice in the medical care they received
  • They wanted to be as comfortable as possible when giving birth

Private pregnancy care gives you more flexibility, starting with the first scan. The NHS offers at least two ultrasound scans at eight to fourteen weeks, and eighteen to twenty-one weeks. In comparison, private facilities offer more scans as well as detailed 3D and 4D baby images. This can provide extra reassurance, and also help determine the baby’s gender.

Private care gives you access to extra blood tests and a range of complementary therapies. These therapies can include aromatherapy for anxiety and acupressure for morning sickness. However, alternative therapies should never replace treatment offered by a doctor.

One-on-one time with a midwife

Parents can pay for extra midwife appointments throughout pregnancy and after birth. This gives mums and dads an extra hand getting to grips with becoming new parents.

Pre and post-natal NHS care often involves having multiple midwives. With private care, you are more likely to have the same midwife throughout pregnancy. Expecting parents often find relief in having a close relationship with their midwife.

A close relationship with a midwife can work wonders to reduce stress. This is one of the reasons more people are electing to have a private midwife as a birthing partner.  Parents can hire a private midwife to assist with labour on an NHS ward if this helps them feel more comfortable.

Extra comfort and privacy

Private birthing centres can help parents feel relaxed during pregnancy and birth. These facilities can often be more homely, rather than a ‘clinical’ environment. Parents therefore feel they’re getting more one-on-one attention from staff.

Women are able to have certain private amenities whilst still receiving NHS care. They can pay for a private room in an NHS hospital, or even choose to have a home birth with a private midwife.

2.1% of UK women in 2017 opted for a home birth.  The desire for reassuring surroundings is usually what leads women to give birth at home. Comfortable and familiar surroundings can produce more ‘feel good hormones’, such as oxytocin. Research has shown these hormones can both reduce stress, and help new mums bond with their babies.

If you are considering a home birth, you can pay to have a private midwife as a birthing partner. This means you’ll have your midwife’s free and undivided attention. They can also provide birthing aids such as opioids, gas and air.

Qured can provide quality care in familiar surroundings for new and expecting parents.

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