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8 reasons why you should be waking up earlier – and 3 ways how


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There’s nothing wrong with being a night owl, but consistently sleeping in and having rushed mornings can leave you flustered and prone to stress for the rest of the day. As hard as it may be, research suggests a range of benefits to your physical and mental health from waking up just a few hours earlier than you’re used to...

Awake with the sunrise

Getting up at sunrise gives you more energy because sunlight has the ability to trigger the release of serotonin in your brain, a hormone associated with calmness and productivity. Without enough exposure to the sun, your serotonin levels may be too low, leading to a number of ailments. Besides, who wouldn’t want to spend their mornings watching the sunrise?

Enjoy the quietude

The early morning is your chance to escape the hectic noises of everyday life to enjoy the peace and quiet. No traffic, no kids, no television noises . And with this, you may find yourself less stressed and more prepared to tackle the day.

Create a morning ritual

With a few extra hours added to your mornings, you could have enough time for a morning routine. Whether that might be drinking a cup of tea while reading your favourite book or trying out ten minutes of meditation each morning, having some structure before you start your day can make you feel grounded and at ease.

Give yourself more ‘me time’

Ever feel like you don’t get enough time for yourself? Getting up before everyone else in the morning could change this. And taking this time-out is important too–you could be avoiding health effects such as heart attacks, strokes, asthma, diabetes, headaches, mental fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

Have a drawn-out, nutritious breakfast

We’ve all heard this before, but it’s true–breakfast really is the most important meal of the day! Giving yourself that extra time in the morning could help you achieve a more nutritionally complete diet, which can aid in weight-loss, productivity, and concentration. You could even have enough time to prepare yourself a nutritious lunch for later on, or plan out your meals for the rest of the week!

Get your exercise done

Never again will you have to skip a workout because you were too tired at the end of the day. Working out can actually increase your mental clarity up to ten hours post-exercise. There is almost no better way to feel ready for the day! Besides, you’ll have a free schedule for your evenings.

Visualise your day

Research shows that using visualisation techniques improves performance. This means that taking just a few minutes in the morning to imagine your day will help you focus on what you want to achieve. While you’re at it, why not take down some notes or set yourself some goals?

Get appointments done

If you get into a habit of rising early, then you may find time and energy to get your appointments out of the way. Never again will you have to cancel on the dentist. Plus, you could show up early to prepare, leaving a good impression on whoever you’re meeting.

Not sure how to become an early riser? Here are three starting points:

Start slow

Try getting up just 15 to 30 minutes earlier than you’re used to, each day gradually increasing the time. And if you feel like you need more time to adjust, then feel free to draw it out to the span of a few weeks!

Go to sleep earlier

Do you often stay up late watching TV or scrolling through the web? It is well-known that screens keep you alert and suppress melatonin release, the hormone that controls your sleep cycle. If you often feel wound-up at night, try setting yourself a rule–no screen time past eight!

Put your alarm clock far away

If you’re one to hit the snooze button every morning, then try putting your alarm clock or phone on the other side of the room, or even in a different room. That way, you’ll force yourself out of bed and wake up the body.

If you’re in a time crunch in the mornings, you can see a doctor at a time and location of your choice. Download the app here.

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