Physiotherapy| February 21, 2020

Why choose at-home Physiotherapy?


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Do I need physiotherapy?

Qured provides a range of physiotherapy services, including post-operative, respiratory, elderly rehab, and neurological. Physiotherapy is for people of all ages and has shown to be greatly beneficial for improving strength and functioning. If you struggle with moving or walking, physiotherapy can help increase your muscle strength through exercises and provision of assistive devices like crutches. If you are at risk of falling and creating further injury (a risk which will be assessed by a therapist), physiotherapy helps improve balance and coordination.

How can physiotherapy benefit me?

Physiotherapy can reduce pain, this can be through tissue or joint mobilisation, or through electrical stimulation and ultrasound techniques. These methods have proven to also prevent pain from returning. If you are an athlete or a person who exercises regularly, physiotherapy can help manage and prevent sports injuries, keeping you on track with your schedule. If you have been considering surgery to reduce pain, physiotherapy can be a viable alternative to this. Although therapy has more gradual results, the stressors and risks of surgery are eliminated. In some instances physiotherapy has shown to be equally as effective as surgery for treatment, e.g. when treating osteoarthritis. Neurological disorders may also benefit from physiotherapy and help improve sensory functioning and mobility. Improvement of neurological functioning makes a huge difference in personal independence, reducing the necessity of a carer, particularly in cases of a stroke, heart or lung condition.

Why choose Qured for at-home physiotherapy?

The benefits of physiotherapy are numerous. If you are someone who is in need of physiotherapy, it may be beneficial to consider having this therapy done at home. Qured offers physiotherapy home visits, Home visit physiotherapy services provide a number of benefits that travelling to a specialist does not. Receiving therapy at home rather than at a clinic can reduce sources of anxiety for some people. When receiving therapy at home, there is no time spent in waiting rooms, and the stress and cost of travel are eliminated. According to physiotherapy specialists, conducting therapy within your own home can greatly increase the progress you make. This is due to the fact that your own home is an environment you are familiar and comfortable with, allowing you to focus solely on the therapy activities without distraction and in a more relaxed state. At-home care may also make it easier for family or friends to be trained on how to facilitate and support your therapy and recovery.

If you don’t struggle with mobility but would still benefit from a therapist, you may simply find it more convenient to use in-home therapists, Qured lets you fit therapy into your schedule at a time that suits you. However, if you do struggle with physical mobility, there are a number of reasons that may make at-home therapy a more viable option for you. If adjustments to your home need to be made due to physical complications, these can easily be suggested by physiotherapists during their initial visit from direct observation. The therapists may suggest exercises that can be done regularly in accordance with your surroundings, this includes facilitating navigation within your own home.

At-home physiotherapy can be beneficial if travelling or moving puts you at risk of further medical damage. If you are a person who needs to pay for transportation in order to see a therapist, it may be better to spend this money on an in-home therapist instead. As our therapists typically see fewer patients in a day and are under less time pressure than an NHS therapist, the care provided is more thorough and customised to your specific needs.

How does Qured’s physiotherapy service work and what will it cost me?

Qured’s at-home physiotherapy services start with an initial 1-hour assessment and treatment for just £80, during which one of our specialised physiotherapists will discuss your needs with you and start treatment. They will also help you create a management plan and teach you at home exercises, allowing you to carry on your treatment independently. If required, this is in addition to follow-up visits with your physiotherapist, which also take place in your home.

*For more information, call +44 (0) 333 016 4411 to speak to a member of our team who can advise you. To book right away, download our app and see a physiotherapist today, at home.

Enter the code PHYSIO25 when booking in our app to get £25 off your first session with us.

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