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Bringing healthcare home: How Qured are revolutionising healthcare


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Healthcare in the UK is well and truly being put under the microscope. In-particular, the increasing pressures upon the much-loved NHS are the subject of intense political debate and public concern. Which is why Qured is bringing healthcare home and revolutionising healthcare.

The GP’s waiting surgery is one of the key places where the worries emerge, especially when it comes to waiting times. Figures from the British Medical Association, for example, found that 2.23 million patients waited more than 28 days to get a GP appointment in the winter months of 2019, an increase of 15% from 2018.

GP waiting times even made it into Boris Johnson’s first speech as Prime Minister, declaring that "my job is to make sure you don’t have to wait three weeks to see your GP and we start work this week with 20 new hospital upgrades and ensuring that the money in the NHS really does get to the front line."

What's the issue?

The issues, meanwhile, relate not only to the availability of doctors but in navigating the systems of accessing their support. As a 2019 NHS England survey suggests, growing numbers of people are struggling to get hold of their GP. One in three, in fact, reported that it was not easy to get through to their GP practice on the phone, with many unhappy with the appointment times available when eventually talked to reception.

Importantly, while over 80% of those surveyed were happy with the experience and treatment they received having reached their GP, it is accessing this treatment in the first place which is proving the real challenge. With a growing population and diminishing GP numbers – the number of qualified full-time GPs has fallen by 600 to 28,596 in the past year – there is also a distinct lack of clarity as to quite how and when the issues will be combated. This concern is certainly reflected in public opinion. 2018 data from The British Social Attitudes poll of nearly 3,000 people found that just 53% of those in England, Scotland and Wales were satisfied with NHS services, 3% less than 2017 and the lowest level since 2007.

So where does Qured fit in?

As striking as these facts and figures can be, healthcare issues are at their most pertinent when they emerge through personal experience. This was certainly the case for Qured founder Alex Templeton, who looked to address the difficulties of accessing GP services after having a poor experience using NHS primary care for his young son. Having faced weeks of waiting to be seen and the inability to raise more than one problem at each appointment, there was a clear need for on-demand and efficient healthcare that was accessible and affordable…

(Almost) instant treatment from the palm of your hand

The Qured app is the go-to place for accessing our services. Available on iOS and Android devices, our slick and easy-to-use interface allows you to book a doctor or physio in a couple of taps. Simply enter your address, request an appointment and await confirmation for a Qured doctor, who should then be with you in under two hours.

Alternatively, pre-book an appointment up to 48 hours in advance. Payment is made seamlessly by credit card, debit card or Apple Pay, and you will receive a receipt via email for your reference. No need to stay glued to the receiver trying to get through to the doctor’s reception.

But the Qured app isn’t the only way to access on-demand healthcare. Click to book a doctor on our home page and enter your postcode on the next page. Next, simply select the treatment you desire, enter your details and a practitioner will be with you as soon as possible.

What’s more, you can get in touch with a member of the Qured team on +44 333 016 4411 – we’re always happy to talk you through the service and help with the booking process.

A comprehensive package

Qured doctors will treat your acute ailments, so you can feel better, sooner. From sore throats and ear ache, to chest infections and UTI’s, our doctors will ensure that you’re fighting fit in no time. Note, however, that for chronic disease monitoring you should see your GP, and A&E is the place to go for accidents and emergencies.

We also offer a range of home immunisations, including flu and chickenpox, as well as vaccinations and advice for travel medicine, such as hepatitis A or B.

As we looked at above, public confidence in the actual treatment delivered by GPs remains high, and you can be sure that a Qured doctor will have the same level of expertise and ability. Qured practitioners are made up of local physiotherapists, community GPs, GP registrars, hospital doctors and advanced nurse practitioners, all of whom have at least three years’ experience post-registration.

Moreover, if you feel that you don’t necessarily need a doctor to visit you in person, Qured also offers phone consultations. Calls are available wherever you are, 7 days a week, and offer excellent, support advice from a GMC-registered GP. This option can also be upgraded to a home visit at no extra cost.

… that includes physiotherapy at-home

While Qured initially focused on doctor visits, physiotherapy is now a key part of the operation, with the same ease of booking an appointment and quality service. As with our doctor service, physios can come to whatever location works for you – be this home, work, hotel or gym.

We offer a variety of treatments from musculoskeletal therapy and elderly rehab treatment to respiratory physiotherapy and help with issues caused by neurological conditions.

Our team of physiotherapists also have a wide range of experience, skills and expertise. All of our physios have a minimum of four years’ experience, are registered with both the HCPC and CSP, and undergo an enhanced DBS check. Meanwhile, our physios regularly attend in-house and external professional development courses to stay up-to-date with the latest treatments and practice.


In Greater London, that is, but we hope to expand as soon as possible! As highlighted above, our doctors can also visit your workplace, home or hotel, meaning that you can easily fit an appointment into a busy schedule. Simply enter the postcode of the location where you would like to receive treatment.


NHS surgery opening times can make it difficult to access GP support. With limited or non-existent weekend opening hours and a small window of time to make it to the surgery after work, getting an appointment can be even more difficult. By contrast, Qured is available 7 days a week, 8am until 10pm – whenever suits your schedule.


Private healthcare shouldn’t break the bank. Qured doctor visits start from £90 for a 20-minute consultation, and you'll be seen at home within 4 hours and physio from £80 for an initial assessment plus treatment.

We also offer a handy membership option. Qured members can receive unlimited doctor appointments from just £29 a month, including additional extras such as prescriptions, sick notes and referrals. Our family options also offer great discounts, starting at £79 a month for three people.

Our phone consultations are also a great way to access affordable support. Calls start at £25 and come at no extra cost if you upgrade to a home visit.

Revolutionising private healthcare

Crucially, Qured ultimately seeks to compliment the services offered by the NHS, rather than act as competition. We hope to take some of the pressure away from the GPs waiting room and offer affordable, modern and convenient private healthcare – revolutionising how we access the help of doctors and physiotherapists.

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