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How to (healthily) occupy your time during Lockdown


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Occupying your time during the coronavirus lockdown

Covid-19 has changed the way we live in a profound way, and has forced the majority of the UK into a nationwide lockdown. With most of us at home all day and every day, many are struggling with how to occupy their time productively during quarantine. If you’re fed up of watching Netflix or spending all day on the sofa staring at your phone looking at memes, it might be time to change your daily isolation routine.

Getting immersed in productive and healthy past times can be amazingly helpful for reducing stress and promoting positive mental health and, with many of us cooped up inside due to the coronavirus, prioritising wellbeing has never been so important.

__Don’t worry, the Qured team have done the thinking for you and put together some top activities for you to do to keep your mind sharp and body fit and get you through these weeks of lockdown and isolation. __

Exercising during lockdown

If you are missing the gym, or think that there is no possible way you can exercise without one, you’ll be surprised by what you can do at home or in the park. There are plenty of exercises that you can do with little or no equipment, such as pushups, squats, and burpees.

The positive effects that exercise can give you are extraordinary. From reducing your risk of major illnesses and boosting your self esteem, exercise can also do wonders for your mood, sleep quality, and reduce your stress levels. Overall, it will make you feel much better about yourself during these slightly unnerving times.

For adults to stay healthy, they should try to exercise and be active daily, with the aim of achieving at least 150 minutes of physical activity through various different forms of exercise over the course of a week.

Cooking during lockdown

It’s an easy option during the lockdown to open up a takeaway app and order a pizza straight to your sofa. However, there is a strong link between good food and good mental health, as cooking can soothe stress, curb negative thinking and build self-esteem. Some counselors therefore use cooking and baking as an effective therapeutic tool for people suffering with mental health issues like depression and anxiety.

Reducing your reliance on packaged food and takeaways, where you have no control of the ingredients, and incorporating more home-cooked meals into your daily lockdown routine is great for your general well-being for a number of reasons.

Cooking helps our mental health in that it can be a creative outlet, which in turn makes you feel good. Taking control of what you put into your body through healthy recipes will improve your quality of life by giving you the energy you need to keep active throughout the day, while nutrients from healthy food help grow and repair your body, keeping you strong and healthy to help prevent diet-related illness, such as some cancers.

Start reading during lockdown

We’ve all been there, sat on the sofa endlessly scrolling through the timeline with no end in sight. If you’re one of those people whose reading habits revolve around tweets, Facebook updates and emojis, you really should pick up a book.

Reading has a number of health benefits, not only to our mental health but physical health, and those benefits have been known to last a lifetime. It can reduce stress levels, alleviate anxiety and depression, help you fall asleep, and increase life expectancy. Reading makes all this possible by activating your mind, giving you escapism, and showing new perspectives and ways of life.

You don’t need to read much to achieve all of the above (just 6 minutes in some cases). So instead of binge watching that new miniseries about tigers or another of Netflix’s finest, pick up a book and benefit from all of the amazing health benefits that reading gives.

What if I think I have Covid-19?

To help give you the information you need to manage your own health during the coronavirus pandemic, Qured offers both Covid-19 PCR RNA tests and Covid-19 IgG Antibody tests. Qured's private coronavirus tests can answer the questions ‘do I have the virus’ and ‘have I had an immune response to the virus?’. The PCR test includes delivery and a telephone consultation with a GP to help manage your health during Covid-19, and our antibody test is administered by a healthcare professional to ensure a safe and reliable result.

Please refer to our dedicated coronavirus page or the FAQ page on our website for further information.

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