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What to read during lockdown


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Reading is a great way to reduce stress, take some alone time, and educate yourself. Many of us are feeling anxious and out of control due to the recent circumstances surrounding COVID-19. If this is the case for you, the list of books below may be of interest. If not, these books are all great reads nonetheless! This list aims to confront negative affects you may be feeling as a result of lockdown, including fear, bad eating habits, and dealing with unfortunate life events.

Becoming Bulletproof - Evy Pompouras.

Lockdown has caused many of us to feel fearful. Mental health experts have claimed that uncertainties about lockdown and post-lockdown life have caused a national wave of anxiety. Becoming Bulletproof was written by former secret service agent Evy Pompouras, as a manual on how to embrace fear and build resilience in our everyday lives. Becoming Bulletproof teaches valuable lessons from confronting difficult co-workers to physical methods of self-defence. This read will teach you how to prepare for the unexpected and how to manage anxieties about confronting your fears.

How Not to Die - Dr. Michael Greger.

During lockdown many of us are feeling out of control in our eating habits, possibly resorting to fad diets in an attempt to lose the lockdown weight. If you find yourself constantly enticed by fad diets only to fail later, this book may be beneficial for you. How Not to Die outlines how to incorporate healthy eating into your life, in a way that you can sustain and easily manage. This read encourages ditching calorie counting and instead adopting a plant-based, whole foods diet. This book teaches how to begin changing your eating habits as an attainable lifestyle, as opposed to a restrictive diet.

This Too Shall Pass - Julia Samuel.

Using her experiences as a psychotherapist, Julia Samuel teaches how to rise up from rock-bottom. This book is a compilation of twenty real stories revolving around a crisis, and how they were overcome. Samuel tells stories of her patients who have experienced tragedy and the lessons that these events exposed. Samuel transforms these lessons into practical advice, showing how to adapt and thrive in difficult situations.

Remember This When You’re Sad - Maggy Van Eijk.

Witty, warm and reassuring. Remember This When You're Sad is a book for any mood but is perfect to help cope with lockdown blues. Van Eijk covers topics such as negative body image, depression and interpersonal relationships. Using anecdotes from her own experiences with borderline personality disorder, anxiety and depression, Van Eijk provides practical guides to understanding and coping with your own emotions. This raw and comforting read may be beneficial if you find yourself overwhelmed by recent circumstances.

Notes on a Nervous Planet - Matt Haig.

It may feel as though the world as we know it is coming to an end. Browsing headlines and social media posts may emphasise the existing stress you might be feeling regarding lockdown. In Notes on a Nervous Planet, Haig emphasises how modern technology and social media can have negative impacts on mental health. This book outlines how fear-mongering narratives can induce anxiety on the modern person, and how this can be overcome.

Written by Olivia Rolland for Qured.

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