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Why you should get your workforce vaccinated against the flu


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The flu is a highly infectious virus that is most likely to impact you and your workforce from December through to March. On the back of Covid-19, this year's flu may pose a larger threat to your office due to its symptoms mirroring that of mild coronavirus. Qured can help you understand this impact and how to nullify it.

What is the flu?

The flu is a contagious respiratory illness which is caused by the influenza virus, commonly it affects the nose and throat, sometimes it will affect the lungs. The flu is normally most present during the winter months (December toMarch) and is most likely to be spread within the first 5 days of presenting symptoms. Symptoms of the flu include: fever, cough, sore throat, running or blocked nose, aching muscles, headaches and fatigue among others. However, not everyone suffering from the flu will feel the impact of all the symptoms.

The most effective way to protect yourself against the flu is through a seasonal flu vaccination. The flu vaccination will cause your body to build up antibodies so should you be infected with the flu, your body can begin fighting it off immediately. The vaccination changes each year as the antibodies for the flu wear off over time and the flu strain changes year on year.

How does the flu affect productivity?

During normal circumstances, the flu season affects offices through reduced productivity (as a result of illness and employee absence) and a drop in office morale - this culminates in a loss of revenue. 70% of workers will still go into the office if they are sick - given the contagiousness of the flu, this is likely to cause a high number of your workforce to contract the flu. Additionally, going to work when sick can lead to a longer recovery period for that person as they have limited rest.

Flu season can also have a negative impact on office morale as people can become disheartened that others are working while sick and thus increasing the likelihood of making them sick. This can cause strained relationships and further declining productivity. Unwell people don’t tend to be happy people!

Flu season and coronavirus

The symptoms of the flu are strikingly similar to that of mild coronavirus - ultimately this means that anyone who gets the flu will be required to self isolate for a minimum of 7 (current government guidelines), or the most up-to-date government guidelines, should they change. Due to the contagious nature of the flu, many of your workforce may be required to self isolate following the period of national lockdown. Those who do get the flu may then feel further stress due to the concern that it may be coronavirus. Following on from the impact lockdown has had on employees mental health, this should be avoided where possible.

How to get corporate flu vaccinations and protect your employees from the flu

Corporate flu jabs allow you to protect your workforce against the flu. Qured offers flu vaccination clinics from September through to the start of 2021, it is advised to book early for these as they are one of the company’s most in-demand corporate healthcare products. They run as mobile clinics; meaning a Qured practitioner will come to your office at a desired time to administer the flu vaccinations. The minimum amount of vaccinations is 10 per clinic and we can accomodate companies of any size.

This will allow your workforce to be best protected from the flu, can prevent limitations to productivity and boost office morale and employee wellbeing.

Click here to contact Qured Corporate to discuss your needs and learn how a flu clinic could work for your company.

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