Christmas 2020| December 04, 2020

How to safely travel and see your family this Christmas


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The festive season is here, and a lot of people want to know how they can safely travel both within the UK and abroad to visit friends and family during the Covid-19 pandemic. The news of a Christmas bubble allowing three households to mix over the festive season has been well received with people desperate to see their loved ones. However, the reality is that this Christmas will be very different from those experienced pre-pandemic, and safety and caution should be exercised.

It is vital that we keep ourselves and all those around us safe throughout the next few weeks. Here at Qured we’ve put a guide together on everything you need to know about Christmas this year and how you can feel safe during the coronavirus pandemic.

Christmas Bubble information

From 23rd to the 27th of December you can choose to form a temporary Christmas bubble, which can be made up of a maximum of three households. This means that many people will be traveling up and down the countries and across the four nations to visit their loved ones, allowing people to visit relatives and friends over the festive period. The groupings must be exclusive, meaning you cannot meet with people from outside the bubble you have formed with two other households.

Within your Christmas bubble you can stay at one another’s homes overnight and are not required to follow social distancing rules. This means that you are able to hug loved ones. However, it is advised that you are cautious when it comes to physical contact, especially if those within your bubble are vulnerable or high risk, and it’s recommended that social contact should be limited to reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.

You can meet your Christmas bubble in private homes, gardens, at places of worship, and in outdoor spaces. You cannot meet in indoor spaces such as pubs, restaurants, hotels, shops and theatres. Therefore, Christmas dinner at a restaurant is not permitted this year within Christmas bubbles. However, if you’re based in a tier 1 area, where indoor mixing is allowed you can go to a restaurant, but you must follow the rule of six and other guidelines. You must also follow the rules of the tier that you are in, whether you travel between areas or not.

Flying safely over Christmas

Most countries now require a negative Covid-19 PCR test result before flying. Many countries also need you to produce proof of a negative result in the form of a ‘fit-to-fly’ certificate signed by a medical professional, which Qured can provide.

It is important that you practice caution on your trip abroad. If possible, check in online to avoid face-to-face contact at the airport. Pack plenty of face coverings, avoid mixing with people not in your group, and practice social distancing at all times and whenever possible. Remain seated during the flight and try to avoid drinking or eating if your flight is short so you reduce the times you have to use the bathroom and time spent without wearing a face covering.

Should you travel over Christmas?

It is understandable that many people are still hesitant about traveling and seeing friends and family, especially if they are vulnerable and high risk. To give you peace of mind, a Covid-19 PCR test can tell you whether you are safe or not to travel and mix with others.

Other factors that may stop you from travelling are:

  • Have tested positive for Covid-19
  • Have been instructed to self-isolate by NHS test and trace system
  • Experiencing Covid-19 symptoms in the last 7 days
  • If anyone in your household or support bubble has experienced Covid-19 symptoms or tested positive in the last 14 days

How can Qured help me travel safely this Christmas?

To keep you and the ones you love safe this Christmas, book a Covid-19 PCR test with Qured to be sure of your coronavirus status. This will help you protect your friends and family and offers you peace of mind to know you have a negative result before confirming your Christmas plans.

If you are traveling abroad, Qured can also provide you with a ‘fit-to’fly’ certificate signed by a medical professional, so you can gain access to countries all over the world and spend the festive season with those closest to you.

Book your test now.

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