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How to: Activate your PCR test


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Activating your PCR test kit

When you take a Covid-19 PCR test with Qured, you will need to activate your test kit, whether it's a Fit to Fly or a Day 2 test. So what does this mean? It is all done online and consists of providing us with your test barcode (the unique identifier of your PCR test) and the date and time that you took the test. If you don’t do this, we can’t provide you with your result.

When do I activate my PCR test kit?

When you receive your Covid-19 PCR test kit from Qured, you must remember to activate it as soon as you take your test. If you’re using our courier service, please make a note of your barcode before they take the test away.

How to activate - Walkthrough

  1. To activate your kit, log in to your account using your details.

Log in or sign up to Qured

  1. Once you’ve signed into your account and can see your bookings, click on the test(s) that you want to activate.

View your bookings on Qured

  1. From there, you will be asked to enter your barcode and sample date & time.

Kit activation screen

  1. After this, the page should refresh and you’ll see that your kit has been activated. If it does not, please refresh the page again. And you’re done!

Your Fit to Fly PCR test is now activated.

Now that you’ve activated your kit, there’s nothing else to do except to return your test via post or hand it back to the courier, if you haven’t done so already. Remember, once the test is received by the lab, you’ll get results within 24-36 hours. We’ll alert you when they’re ready!

For a small number of Day 2 & 8 or Test to Release customers, you may need to re-enter your travel declaration on our partner lab’s website. Don’t worry; you’ll see a message and a link if this is the case. You will need to enter your barcode and pin code - available on the page before.

Oncologica activation sometimes is needed.

You will have already submitted your sample date/time, but you will need to enter travel information required by the Department of Health and Social Care. Complete this form and you’re done!

This kit activation step may be required.

We’re providing travellers around the world with all the testing they need to travel safely. Whether it’s our unique rapid antigen test for returning to the UK or PCR tests for after your arrival; booking with Qured gives you fast results and a reliable, worry-free service.

Book your testing with Qured today.

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