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Qured is revolutionising the patient experience of care - affordable doctor and physiotherapy appointments at our patients' convenience.


At the tap of a button, Qured delivers a doctor or physio to your door within two hours, 7 days a week. No travel, no wait, no hassle.


From injuries to illnesses, allergies to acute pain, our highly experienced doctors and physiotherapists can treat a wide range of conditions in the comfort of your own home or workplace. We also offer vaccinations and immunisations at a location to suit you.



about qured

Qured was launched in 2017 with one objective: to revolutionise the patient experience of care in the UK, by offering affordable appointments at a time and location that suits the patient, rather than the practitioner.

Every great idea starts with a pressing problem. Co-founders Charlie and Alex had both, as new fathers, found that accessing healthcare for their families was time-consuming and frustrating; and the alternative was prohibitively expensive.

Charlie’s struggle to get timely treatment for his young son, who had three separate minor conditions, will be familiar to many. His local GP surgery’s answerphone informed him there were no appointments that day and, when he finally managed to speak to someone, he could not get his son seen for nearly two weeks. Charlie considered an online consultation, but didn’t feel comfortable putting his young son in front of a screen; and going to see a private GP was both inconvenient and expensive. With only one condition seen per nine minute appointment, it took what felt like forever to have all of his son’s needs seen to.

Charlie and Alex realised that they were not alone in their need for immediate but affordable healthcare, for themselves and their families – especially if it was also available out of hours. It was their belief that there had to be a way to deliver timely healthcare to your door, at an affordable price. Qured is the realisation of their vision.

  • img Alex Templeton CEO & Founder
  • img Charlie Harington CEO & Founder
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our practitioners

We have a talented and experienced team of practitioners covering all of Central and South West London. Meet some of them below:

  • img Dr Ed Hatley Dr Hatley is the Chief Clinical Adviser at Qured. He has been practicing medicine for nearly 20 years primarily as a GP. Ed is a GP partner and also runs a successful surgery based in Harley Street.
  • img Dr Caroline Bibby Dr Caroline Bibby is a hospital doctor and completed her training in Liverpool in 2012. She has since worked in central London and at Hillingdon Hospital, where she continues to locum in Accident and Emergency.
  • img Dr Tom Kaier Dr Tom Kaier is a hospital doctor with nine years' experience, specialising in cardiology and general medicine. Currently he is researching a new blood test that could transform the way we diagnose heart attacks.
  • img Dr Safina Dewan Dr Safina Dewan completed her medical training at St George's University of London in 2011. She enjoys working as a salaried GP in West London. In her free time, Safina loves to ski.
  • img Dr Kpakpo Acquaye Dr Kpakpo Acquaye qualified from University College London in 2005. He has worked as a specialty doctor in emergency medicine across London and the South East since 2009, and starred in the first season of Channel 4's '24 Hours in A&E'. He has a special interest in trauma and minor injuries.
  • img Dr Richard Sykes Dr Richard Sykes is a hospital doctor working at St. George's Hospital in general medicine. He was trained at Oxford University and Imperial College in a wide range of specialisms, as well as in community general practice.
  • img Dr Alexandra Woodward Dr Alexandra Woodward completed her training in London in 2013. She now works in a GP surgery in South London, alongside working for a London hospice. Alexandra has a particular interest in palliative care and psychiatry.
  • img Dr Aram Salehi Dr Aram Salehi is an NHS Consultant Physician. He completed his training in London and has treated patients with acute medical problems, including disease of the heart, lungs and nervous system.
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    Trudy Wood
    Trudy is a qualified physiotherapist and has worked both for the NHS and privately. She trained at Imperial College NHS before specialising in musculoskeletal medicine. She is our Head of Physiotherapy at Qured, looking after the team of therapists.
  • img Mark Wilkinson Mark qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2009 from Coventry University. Mark has completed multiple courses to learn new skills including Acupuncture, Anatomy in Motion, Neurokinetic Therapy and Body Mind Workers. Mark combines clinic hours in his own private practice with home visits for Qured.
  • img Danny Keohane Danny is a Current Specialist Musculoskeletal practitioner working for the Royal Marsden Community Services. He has experience in the assessment and treatment of complex disorders of the neuromusculoskeletal system and interest in promoting long term health and well-being through movement and exercise.
  • img Derrick Ho Derrick is a Specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapist with over 4 years’ experience in the NHS, private sector and sport. He gained his Physiotherapy BSc (Hons) from St George’s University and has extensive knowledge in managing musculoskeletal problems, orthopaedic fractures and soft tissue injuries.


Corporate packages incorporate a range of healthcare services to help minimise sickness and promote wellbeing in your organisation – saving you time and money, whilst also improving productivity. We ensure your team receives only the highest standard of care from our team of carefully selected experienced doctors and physiotherapists.

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    Don't wait... get Qured now

    On average a person will visit their GP 6 times a year and it can take up to 14 days to secure each appointment. Why wait? With employees becoming busier, there is no need to spend half a day out the office as Qured can come to you within 2 hours.

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    A healthier & more productive workforce

    With an average 6.3 days lost per employee per year to absenteeism, employers are facing annual losses of up to £522 for each individual. Qured offers an on demand healthcare service, greatly reducing time-related losses, as well as aiding productivity.

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    Employees' health, in their hands

    The current employee healthcare market is heavily focused on secondary healthcare. Qured are revolutionising primary healthcare accessibility, with our wellbeing programme working efficiently alongside PMI secondary care.

If you are interested in working with Qured to improve your corporate wellbeing please get in touch...

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We partner with a number of brands and businesses, from healthy food to parenting communities, offering a range of mutually beneficial opportunities.

If you're interested in becoming a partner or sponsor of Qured, we would love to hear from you - simply contact us through this form. With a growing number of patients, practitioners and businesses that we work with, this is a great opportunity to work an innovative health tech company who want to inspire change.