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A supplement routine gone too far

Will Google ever be able to diagnose me?

The digital doctor has long been held up as the holy grail of medicine, a dream of science fiction writers everywhere over the last half-century. In this vision of the future all a person needs to do is gently lie down on a glistening white bed and, after a brief laser scan, they’re given an […]

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adult acne, a almost lifelike representation

Top 8 tips to prevent adult acne

Acne is very common, especially in teenagers – in fact 8 out of 10 teenagers have experienced acne at some point! However many adults also experience acne, which can be particularly debilitating. Here are some top tips to help you manage acne effectively. 1. Avoid dryness and irritation of the skin by cleansing face twice […]

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a woman stands on a rope bridge safe in the knowledge that her travel vaccinations have protected her

travel vaccinations: getting the right ones for your holiday

There’s no better feeling than packing up your bags, skipping down to the airport and spending the next four hours being patted down by an extremely surly security guard. Before this can happen though, it’s important to get hold of those all-important travel vaccinations. After all, nobody wants a luxury holiday ruined by a less […]

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A woman cycles as part of her exercise routine

5 Ways Exercise Makes You Happier

Written by Melinda Nicci, Sport Psychologist and Founder & CEO of Baby2Body Raise your hand if you’ve been here before: your workout clothes are neatly folded in your gym bag, you’ve remembered to pack your sneakers, socks and a hair tie, and you’ve blocked off your schedule for a session at the gym – but […]

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NHS care

A basic(ish) guide to how the NHS is set up

The NHS is a fundamentally simple idea. You feel sick, you head to a GP, and a week later you’re back up on your feet. However, sometimes it can feel a little like a maze, especially when you find yourself at the heart of it. Any healthcare news nowadays seems to involve an endless range […]

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A researcher holds a petri dish

What makes a virus?

Viruses are funny things. So small that they won’t appear on all but the most powerful microscopes, yet powerful enough to bring down the mightiest of humans. What’s even stranger is the fact that they can be so different from one another; from a (relatively) harmless cold to a life-changing HIV infection, it begs the […]

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keeping the autumn illnesses away

What are the most common Autumn illnesses & how can they be avoided?

With colder weather on the horizon, different colds and flus are likely to be knocking on your front door. As children return to school and the weather takes a sudden turn, our immune system can become more vulnerable and susceptible to seasonal ailments. But don’t worry! Here are the most common autumn illnesses and possible […]

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a spoonful of turmeric powder

8 superfoods that help to boost immunity and fight the common cold

From honey to garlic; foods that you didn’t know could boost your immune system, as we embark upon the flu season. With wintery weather fast-approaching, colds and ill health is inevitable but certain remedies may be able to combat those sore throats. 1. Honey Honey, especially local honey, is a perfect treatment for sore throats. […]

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grandma's chicken soup

Home remedies that work (and those that don’t)

Anyone even remotely familiar with illness will know how the sweats, spots and snots are often the least annoying part of the experience. Instead it’s the overzealous friends and family surrounding your bedside, pushing their long-established home remedies that triggers the true misery. “My aunt always made me eat an onion before bed and now […]

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Waiting in a clinic

Why does it take so long to see a GP?

  It’s a familiar scene – sitting down at the end of a long day you might notice a headache, a bit of tenderness, or even an unusual twinge in your thumb as you manically try to skip past Love Island on the remote. Like the responsible adult you are, you’ll tell yourself that you’ll […]

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