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The common cold

Why isn’t there a cure for the common cold yet?

The common cold, we all know the feeling. Runny nose, drained expression and a general feeling that only grandma’s chicken soup can relieve. It’s an inconvenience that all of us can do without, especially during busy periods of work or school. It’s thought that most adults get between two and four colds every year, while […]

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zesty fruit

The unpredictable virus – how to boost your immunity before flu season

Winter is coming. And along with it, flu – a more formidable opponent than any Game of Thrones villain. While we know that flu will rear its feverish, exhausting, aching head every winter, what is unpredictable is the severity of the outbreak and the specific strains that will be causing havoc. Indeed, last’s years flu […]

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A doctor looks at an x-ray

The Alternative Guide to Healthcare professions

If you’ve ever been to a hospital, you’ll have likely seen some rather unhelpful signage pinned to the wall. “OBSTETRICS THIS WAY” one will proclaim. “RADIOGRAPHY THAT WAY” another might respond. Clearly these signs all refer to different areas of medicine, but just what do they mean? Fortunately, we know how confusing the world of […]

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Change it up! Healthy food swaps for healthy children

It can be a challenging task to keep children away from unhealthy, sugary food. Concerningly, statistics from Public Health England show that while children aged between 4 and 10 should consume the equivalent of 5 to 6 cubes of sugar a day from their food and drink, kids in the UK are consuming an average […]

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6 tips to get your children active

As we found in our previous blog post it’s in the interest of our children’s health that we take steps to make sure they are physically active. But that’s not to say you need to impose a boot camp along with the 5-A-Day. We’ve put together 6 simple and enjoyable tips and ideas to help […]

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Should we take measures to get our children active?

‘Attached to a screen’, ‘never get outside’, ‘don’t climb trees like I used to do’… just some of the criticisms lumped at today’s children from those wearing rose-tinted glasses? Unfortunately, the stereotypes wielded by the ‘kids these days’ brigade are proving largely correct, and there are significant risks to the health of UK children due […]

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Does Red Wine Really Have Significant Health Benefits?

“A cheeky glass of red is fine darling, I’m upping my antioxidants!” We all used to hear our mothers claim repeatedly. “If you say so mum,” we would reply, unconvinced. However, as we got older, many of us surrendered to the reassuring theory that a daily serving of red wine might actually be good for […]

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How Close Actually Are We to Finding a Cure for Cancer?

If you read the news regularly, the word ‘cancer’ is difficult to escape. The extensive media attention given to the word is not without reason; cancer is now the leading cause of death globally. According to the WHO, it causes 1 in 6 deaths across the world. Whilst it is thought that ageing populations, high […]

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6 tips to beat Hay fever

Hay fever – the allergy that leaves 18 million of us in a sneezing mess, and the rest wondering how a warm summer day can cause such strife. As we reach the peak of hay fever season here are some tips (and some myths!) for how avoid the symptoms and enjoy the sun. 1. Rid […]

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World Cup fever – the health benefits of playing football

The 2018 FIFA World Cup is now in full swing and with three to four games a day lined up it’s all too easy to spend every free moment in front of the T.V., beer in hand. At the same time, there’s something to be said for the world’s best players inspiring us to get […]

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