UTI Infection Women holding water bottle to stomach

A Guide to Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

What is a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) A UTI is a urinary tract infection; essentially this refers to a bacterial infection involving any of the organs or tubes that carry urine from the kidney to the point of expulsion from the body. They are caused by microbes, such as bacteria, that overcomes the body’s defenses […]

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Bringing healthcare home: How Qured are revolutionising healthcare

Bringing healthcare home: How Qured are revolutionising private healthcare Healthcare in the UK is well and truly being put under the microscope. In-particular, the increasing pressures upon the much-loved NHS are the subject of intense political debate and public concern. The GP’s waiting surgery is one of the key places where the worries emerge, especially […]

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Summer time

4 tips to keep children safe in the sun

Joyously, Britain is finally getting some hot weather. Not only does this give our favourite conversation starter a positive spin, but it’s also a fantastic time for kids to play outdoors and enjoy the warm weather. However, it is vital to ensure that your children are well protected from the sun’s rays, be this at […]

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Signs of postnatal depression in men

How common is male postnatal depression? Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing experiences a person can have. The day a child is born is often the most memorable day of a parent’s life, and emotions run high. While it’s usually a joyous occasion, depression is a common part of getting to grips […]

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A guide to healthcare for international students in the UK

If you’re visiting the UK as a student, it is very important that you make arrangements for healthcare. Our National Health Service (NHS) can at first seem complex and it’s likely you have a number of questions: Am I entitled to NHS healthcare? Are there certain procedures that are not covered? What do I do […]

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What are the benefits of home healthcare for the elderly?

As we get older, we may have to rely more on regular healthcare. However, visiting hospitals can be strenuous and waiting rooms aren’t always comfortable. There may be a simpler way to receive medical treatment. What if, instead of going to the doctor, the doctor came to you? For many people this is ideal. Here […]

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Looking after your mental health as an athlete

As an athlete, your profession involves pushing both your mind and your body to the limit. Therefore you will have highly specific needs when seeking medical care. Athletes will see doctors who specialise in the effects of gruelling physical regimens. However, imagine if an athlete is experiencing symptoms of depression. They tell their doctor they […]

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What are the benefits of private healthcare during pregnancy?

Pregnancy can be both an exciting and worrying time. Having more freedom to tailor care can alleviate concerns for expecting parents. This can include the choice to have private pregnancy care. But what exactly can private healthcare offer new and expecting mums and dads? Here are some of the benefits of private healthcare, so you […]

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Qured being used

5 reasons why the “Uberizing” of healthcare works and why it is happening

First it was taxis, then it was takeaway food. Now it’s groceries, hairdressers, electronics and everything you could possibly imagine, be it services or products. All of it has been “Uberized”, to make these services and products much more accessible to the widest possible group of people. But there is one industry where we are […]

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