Assorted painkillers

Weathering the storm: should you go without painkillers?

We’ve been taking painkillers since man first started gathering plants and food from the land. Nature has a bounty of botanical remedies that help ease pain, and throughout history different cultures have found natural painkillers to cure their aches and pains. For the ancient Egyptians, it was the leaves from the myrtle bush. Europeans opted […]

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orange telephone on a wooden table

Should I call 111?

When it comes to emergencies, everybody knows that 999 is the number to call. The number is ingrained into us from a very early age, and is a quick and easy means of contacting a local hospital in the event of a medical emergency. However, not all medical issues require the services of 999. So […]

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young baby in white blanket

How you can set up a baby’s health and defences for life

There has been a huge leap forward in terms of the research that has come available over the last ten years around the gut and its inhabitants, which are more commonly known as microbiota. The research has focused on the role microbiota play in governing the overall healthy functionality of the body and the immune […]

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Commuters take a busy tube to work.

Use your commute to improve your mental health

If you live in London, you’re probably painfully familiar with the daily struggle that is rush hour commuting. With cramped carriages, constant delays and a temperature nearing that of the Sahara Desert, it certainly isn’t the easiest feat to undertake before and after a long day at work. In fact, how you choose to commute […]

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Person cleaning toilet bowl with rubber gloves

5 second rule: How clean is your house?

Every year a large proportion of us put down spring cleaning on our to do list, designating cleaning tasks we avoid the whole year to a once-a-year mass cleaning event. But what about the rest of the year? Turns out, wiping round the surfaces and occasionally hoovering doesn’t actually constitute having a clean house. Bacteria […]

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How to access medical treatment without a registered address

Disasters and mishaps never normally happen at a convenient time. When you need healthcare, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you can get to see a doctor or not. If you are not a permanent resident, are a visitor to the UK or have recently arrived in an area, depending […]

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A Day in the Life of: A Qured Marketing Intern

Over the summer, we had third year English student Alex Hewitt from Durham University help out our marketing team for a few weeks. Keep reading to find out more about his experience at Qured… Applying With graduation on the horizon, I spent much of my second year hurriedly searching for a summer internship in order […]

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A toy ambulance on a white table

Public or Private healthcare, which do I choose?

Two hundred years ago if someone became ill they’d simply summon the local doctor and receive the treatment they needed. Forgetting the fact that most medical interventions involved heavy amounts of opium or spontaneous amputation, it was a system that tended to work well – if you were rich of course. For the Tiny Tims […]

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a child benefitting from the great outdoors

The benefits of the great outdoors for children

The demands of modern life, with our ever-increasing reliance on technology and dwindling attention spans, have spilled over from adulthood and slowly crept further and further down the age range. It’s now not uncommon for toddlers to be able to type their first password before they can say their first word – or even when […]

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Wrapping up warm to keep away the cold

Put a hat on! – The facts and fiction behind getting a common cold

In these divided times, it’s nice to have something that we can all relate to – step forward, the common cold. The sneezing, headaches and perpetually runny nose are symptoms all too familiar to the majority of us at some point during the year. In fact, there’s a good chance that some of you reading […]

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