Qured's Corporate Wellbeing program aims to revolutionise the employee healthcare experience by offering affordable face-to-face medical appointments at a time and location that suits the employee.


Through our unique service, we offer your employees a highly qualified medical professional, delivered to your home or workplace within 2 hours, 24 hours a day.

We also offer a prescription delivery and referral services, offering complete care at a time and place that suits the employee and allowing them to return to full health as quickly as possible.

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Bringing on demand healthcare to your employees

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    20 minutes off work, not half a day

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    Reduce absenteeism & boost overall productivity

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    A valued benefit for happy employees

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What we offer

 In-house Clinics

Our practitioners can operate a full or half day clinic at your chosen location, for your employees to book a slot, saving them time and effort seeking medical care away from the office. We can also organise vaccinations, travel and flu, within these clinics.

On-demand visits

When your employees are unwell, we can offer an on-demand visit to either the employee's home or office within 2 hours. This allows the employee to get the medical attention they need to ensure they return back to full health as soon as physically possible. No travel, no wait, no hassle.

Predictable pricing option

  • One simple fixed monthly fee
  • Unlimited usage
  • Bespoke package based on number of employees and company needs

Flexible pricing option

  • A flexible monthly rate based on number of active users
  • Pay as you go package


  • What is Qured?

    Qured allows patients to book affordable face-to-face appointments with highly experienced medical practitioners, to a location of their choosing, including home, office or hotel.

  • What conditions does Qured treat?

    Qured treats minor and acute ailments. For chronic disease monitoring patients should see their GP. For accidents and emergencies, please visit the local A&E department.

  • Where will the visit take place?

    A practitioner can visit patients at either their home, hotel or place of work. We recommend that the appointment takes place in a private area where the patient feels comfortable.

  • Who are the Qured practitioners?

    Qured practitioners are made up of local GPs, GP registrars, hospital doctors and advanced nurse practitioners. All of our practitioners have at least three years’ experience post-registration.

  • When and where is Qured available?

    Qured appointments are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Currently we operate in and around Zones 1-2, and all SW postcodes, but will soon be expanding, both to Greater London and nationwide. We aim to have a practitioner to the door within two hours. Subject to your benefits package, please contact

  • What happens if a practitioner takes more than two hours to get to the patient?

    We make every effort to ensure a practitioner will arrive at the patient's door within a two hour window. However, there are rare circumstances outside our control where demand exceeds practitioner supply, and therefore the waiting time may exceed two hours.

  • How long is a standard appointment?

    Appointments are 20 minutes long. Within that time the patient can have multiple ailments seen to, to make the most of their time with the practitioner. If they need a longer appointment, extra time is also available – just speak to the practitioner.

  • How much does an appointment cost?

    The cost of the appointment is based on your corporate package, please contact your HR representative for further information. If you have an issues please contact

  • How quickly can an employee get an appointment?

    Appointments are available on demand, and the practitioner can be with the patient as soon as 30 minutes after booking on the app. Qured practitioners will notify the patient when they are on their way so they know when to expect them. The patient is also able to book a pre-scheduled appointment up to 48 hours in advance.

  • Can an employee get an appointment if it’s an emergency?

    If a patient requires emergency treatment, please call 999 or attend the local Accident and Emergency department. We do not treat emergency conditions.

  • After the appointment, where are the employee's notes stored?

    Notes will be stored on our encrypted servers, using industry-leading security protocols. We will also send a copy of the employee's appointment notes by email straight to them, so they can share them with their regular GP.

  • Can practitioners supply medication during the appointment?

    Qured practitioners cannot currently give medication during an appointment, but they can prescribe medications once the patient has been assessed. The patient can take the prescription to their local pharmacy or have it delivered to their door.

  • Can practitioners prescribe medications?

    Yes, however we do not prescribe controlled drugs: this includes sleeping pills, benzodiazepines and some opiate-based painkillers. The patient will be given a paper prescription, which they can take to their local pharmacy. We can also arrange to have the prescription delivered to their door.

  • Can the employee get medication delivered via the service?

    Yes – in most cases this will incur an additional cost of approximately £20-30, including the price of the medication. The service will take between one and four hours, to be delivered during the day.

  • Does Qured accept insurance?

    This would based on your current private medical insurance provider's Terms and Conditions. Please contact to see if we partner with your provider.

  • Can the practitioner refer the employee to a specialist, either in the NHS or privately, after they've seen them?

    Yes, once the patient has been assessed the Qured practitioner can organise a referral to either an NHS or a private care provider. If the patient would like their GP to be involved in ongoing care following the referral, please let the Qured practitioner have their GP details. This will ensure that their GP knows that they have been referred; and that after their appointment with the specialist, the GP will receive a letter about their findings. If they do not want their GP to know they are being referred, we will direct the specialist to liaise with them directly. Qured does not provide ongoing care following the referral, therefore we strongly advise that the patient has a GP in place following their referral.

  • What happens after a referral?

    Once the patient has been seen by a specialist, any ongoing care required will occur between their specialist and the patient, and their GP if the patient so wishes. Qured does not currently provide integrated ongoing care following the referral.

  • Does Qured issue sick/fit to work notes?

    Qured practitioners can issue sick/fit to work notes if deemed necessary.

  • What happens if the employee needs to cancel their appointment?

    If the patient cancels the appointment within 10 minutes of booking, then no charge will be incurred. If they cancel more than 10 minutes after booking, there will be a charge of 50% of the appointment fee.