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From medical appointments to physiotherapy sports massage

Workplace Wellbeing

Qured is the on demand solution to all your workforce’s health and wellbeing requirements. One tap and an expert healthcare professional comes straight to your office. In a digital age, Qured provides a human solution for every aspect of your employee’s wellbeing that boosts the health and productivity of your workforce.

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On Demand

We are available to our clients on short-notice, guaranteeing a practitioner to be at your doorstep within 2 hours.


Trying to book an appointment around the GP’s schedule? At Qured, we schedule appointments around your schedule, making it a more desired option for our clients.


We understand you don’t have the time in your busy schedule to constantly try to book an appointment, as well as physically go to your appointment, which is why we send practitioners to your most convenient location.

Higher Employee Retention

Employees often remain loyal to employers who look after their wellbeing, Qured's offering to employees allows them to access an on-demand healthcare platform that keeps employees healthier and happier.

More Efficient

Companies are often understaffed when employees call in sick, which is a costly process to deal with as an employer . Qured serves as a solution to reduce employee sickness to keep companies more efficient and fully functional.

How it works

Got a health issue?

Step 1
Choose from the Qured app’s selection of health services
Step 2
Order a health professional to the office within 2 hours
Step 3
Receive treatment accurately, expertly, and without the wait

Qured healthcare services

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Medical Consultations
Mental Health
Sports Massage
Flu Jabs
Blood tests
More services coming soon!

What's been said about us

I was responsible for preparing an important pitch for a meeting with a client visiting from New York when I got a nasty sore throat. Instead of waiting for a GP appointment, I ordered a doctor to the office and was sorted out with antibiotics that morning. We pitched that afternoon and won the business!


Our employees love that Qured covers every aspect of their healthcare. It’s not just coughs and colds, they help manage injuries, any stressful times they might be having, which just as importantly builds a peace of mind.


HR Director
Qured is so much better than the usual tick-box exercises. Qured's system gives our team the flexibility to get the treatments that they need when they need them and, with the practitioner coming to you, they really get the benefit of a face-to-face consultation.



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