Qured Corporate

Qured is a premium healthcare benefit that can help you deliver healthcare in a way that works best for your employees.

PHE-approved COVID-19 testing kits for your employees

Qured can offer your employee population a test for 2019-nCoV that will be delivered directly to their homes or any preferred location.

The COVID-19 testing kits will give your staff reassurance about their health during this uncertain time and provide your company with the information it needs to safely manage staffing levels moving forward.

The COVID-19 testing kits will give your company clarity and allow you to make educated decisions during this global pandemic.

The Qured testing package is £295 per employee and includes the following:

  • The PHE-approved COVID-19 Testing kit.
  • Shipping.
  • Laboratory analysis.
  • A pre-test GP consultation and a post-swab results consultation.
  • Laboratory results within 3-5 working days (Mon-Fri), of receipt by lab. Please note tests sent by postal service may be subject to delay.
  • The test is for patients 16 years and older.


Our on-site clinics make it easy to bring health/wellness benefits to employees. By giving your employees access to doctors and physiotherapists you can increase overall productivity levels and improve workplace wellbeing.
All you need to do is provide a private space and we’ll take care of the rest.

  • Flu jab events
  • Annual health check ups
  • Physio screening clinics
  • And more...



We work with select insurance providers to give London-based members access to our on-demand doctors or physiotherapists. Your out-of-pocket for a Qured on-demand doctor or physiotherapy appointment is set by your insurance plan.
To find out what services are covered by your insurance provider and your specific plan, give us a call at +44 333 016 4411. If you are an insurance company looking to increase access to healthcare for your members send us an email.


Give your employees unlimited access to a doctor and avoid long waits and time out of the office, leading to increased productivity and engagement.

Phone consultation



  • Speak to a UK-trained GP from anywhere in the world
  • Instant access to expert medical advice
  • Free of charge if you then book a visit
  • Prescriptions available
  • Additional charges may apply

COVID-19 Test



  • PHE-approved COVID-19 Test kit
  • Shipping and laboratory analysis
  • A pre-test GP phone consultation and a post-swab results consultation
  • Laboratory results within 3-5 working days
  • The test is for patients 16 years and older

Other services



  • Membership from just £29 a month
  • Includes unlimited doctors appointments
  • Vaccinations from just £40
  • Flu vaccines and travel medicines available

Our partners

Qured handles the health and wellness of many groups across London by bringing a doctor or physiotherapist straight to the door when needed. From hotel guests and gym members to employees and insurance members, Qured provides a human solution for every aspect of your population’s wellbeing that boosts overall health and productivity.

Qured is the on-demand solution to your population’s health and wellbeing needs. When an employee gets ill we will make it as easy as possible for them to get treatment. With Qured, your population will have access to high quality on-demand doctors and physiotherapists either at home or at pop-up on-site clinics.

What's been said about us

I was responsible for preparing an important pitch for a meeting with a client visiting from New York when I got a nasty sore throat. Instead of waiting for a GP appointment, I ordered a doctor to the office and was sorted out with antibiotics that morning. We pitched that afternoon and won the business!

Xanthe, copywriter

Our employees love that Qured covers every aspect of their healthcare. It’s not just coughs and colds, they help manage injuries, any stressful times they might be having, which just as importantly builds a peace of mind.

Annie, HR director

Qured is so much better than the usual tick-box exercises. Qured's system gives our team the flexibility to get the treatments that they need when they need them and, with the practitioner coming to you, they really get the benefit of a face-to-face consultation.

Jordan, MD

Qured, London's best private doctors delivered to your door