Doctor FAQs

How does the app work?

When you want to work, swipe in to say that you are online and available to take appointments.

Accept a job in your area.

Once you have accepted a job in your area, let the patient know your estimated time of arrival via the app. At this point we recommend calling the patient, also via the app (your phone number will not be disclosed) to confirm your arrival and assess the issue. If at this point you think the patient needs to go to hospital instead of seeing you, direct them to A&E immediately.

When you arrive at the patient’s house, swipe to start your consultation.

When you’ve finished your consultation, swipe to finish. Add any ancillaries (such as prescriptions or referral letters), and write up your notes on the app. Your medical notes will then be sent to the patient via email. We recommend you choose somewhere quiet and private to write up your notes, preferably not in the patient’s house.

Am I really covered covered by your insurance? Do I need to get any additional insurance?

Yes, you really are covered, and are not required to get any additional insurance. Qured has obtained comprehensive terms from a specialist medical indemnity underwriter, based on a £10,000,000 limit of liability for insurance protection for financial claims arising out of the conduct of our medical practitioners, including GPs, hospital doctors and ANPs, when undertaking activities for Qured. We can provide you full details of our insurance policy at your onboarding session.

I am not a GP, can I still apply?

Yes you can, as long as you are three years post-registration and feel clinically competent and confident to treat patients in the community. GPs, GP registrars and ANPs can also apply. One of our aims is to decrease the load on general practice by treating patients who want to be seen quickly by our doctors, ANPs and GPs. Ailments and illnesses we treat are found here.

I am not confident at assessing either adults or children, can I still apply?

The app now allows you to choose between adults and children, enabling you to choose the patient population that you are competent to treat.

I am not based in London, can I still apply?

At the moment we are solely London based. Please still apply, and when we are up and running in your area we can get you started straight away.

Can I make onward referrals as necessary to an NHS specialist or a private healthcare provider?

“Yes. It’s possible that your patient may not want their GP to be aware of a referral, so always check this first. If they do want their GP to be made aware, you must get the name and address of their GP so we can send a copy of the referral letter to the GP. If your patient does not want their GP to be involved, please inform the patient that following the referral letter, all correspondence will be directly between the patient and the healthcare provider. This is because the patient will not be followed up by you, but the specialist will need to inform the patient of any follow-up plans.

When you have written the letter we will find the appropriate specialist for you, format the letter and send it off, copying in the patient and GP (if applicable). Please ensure you ask whether the patient would like a private or NHS referral, and their preferred location or hospital.

What happens at follow-up?

Once you have updated the patient’s notes and written any letter required, there is no formal follow-up. The only exception for this would be if you happen to visit the same patient twice. For any patient with a chronic disease who requires follow-up, we would expect you to direct the patient back to their GP. If you have referred the patient to a specialist, we expressly request that the specialist writes to the patient’s GP or the patient regarding their findings and follow-up, not Qured.

What do I do if I need clinical advice about a patient?

We have a 24/7 Clinical Support Team on hand for you to call. The senior clinician will offer advice to you over the phone.

Will I have to take bloods?

At the moment we do not provide a phlebotomy service but plan to add this soon.

Will I be expected to prescribe medication?

Yes. We expect you to prescribe within local guidelines for antibiotics, and to prescribe generically where possible. Always use an online or up-to-date version of the BNF (for both adults and children) to check all drug dosages. We carefully audit all prescriptions. We do not prescribe controlled drugs. Please download the Adult and Child BNF apps or have up-to-date paper copies in your bag.

I am worried about undertaking home visits to patients I do not know, how will Qured ensure my safety?

Our priority for our Qured practitioners is to ensure you feel safe at work. Our app has in-built safety features for your protection. We provide you with advice on independent working during your onboarding session. If at any point you do not feel safe, you can cancel an appointment without being penalised.

As an NHS GP, can I see my patients privately on the app?

No, if you recognise a patient from your NHS GP practice, please cancel the job.

To apply, please email with your CV.