Qured for Businesses

Qured is a premium healthcare benefit that can help you deliver healthcare in a way that works best for your employees.

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Give your employees unlimited access to a doctor and avoid long waits and time out of the office, leading to increased productivity and engagement.

Covid-19 Testing



  • PCR and Antibody testing available.
  • Available as a mobile clinic or remote.
  • Test results within 48hrs of the test arriving at the lab.

Flu Clinics



  • Mobile clinics.
  • Ensure your whole office is vaccinated.
  • Available between October and December .

Health checks



  • At-home or in the office.
  • Physical and biometric assessment from a Qured practitioner.
  • Includes a health management plan to keep your employees healthy.

Lunch & Learn



  • Variety of topics.
  • Can be tailored to your needs.
  • Can be held virtually.

Covid-19 Testing for Businesses

Qured can offer your employee population Covid-19 tests that will be delivered directly to any preferred location or administered as part of a mobile clinic.

Qured can offer both Antigen PCR tests and Antibody tests. The Covid-19 testing kits will give your company clarity and allow you to make educated decisions during the global pandemic. Covid-19 testing will be critical as your company transitions out of lockdown and brings employees back to the office.

We can offer our Covid-19 testing on a one-off basis or as part of a recurrent testing plan to make sure your employees are safe, even once they have returned to the office.

Back to Work Programme

As well as offering Covid-19 testing to help your team make the adjustment back to the office, Qured can support you further. Extra elements of our Back to Work programme includes:

  • Nurse or doctor on-site support at the office for temperature checks, pulse oximetry and general symptom screening of early warning signs of any ill health.

  • Risk stratification questionnaire to help employers keep track of the wellbeing of their employee population.

We can tailor these events to fit with the needs of your organisation or you can utilise our pre-designed Back to Work solution that includes robust testing, risk stratification questionnaires and an on-site medical practitioner.

Corporate Flu Vaccinations

Our corporate flu vaccinations run as mobile clinics - which means our practitioner will attend your office to ensure all of your employees will get the vaccination. Qured’s flu clinic campaign runs from October through until December, so your team can be vaccinated before flu season. 

Each clinic will have a dedicated nurse to administer the vaccinations - all we require is a private room to hold them in. Employees can book for the clinics using a unique booking link for your clinic with capacity for 20 vaccinations in one hour. 

Pricing for our corporate flu vaccinations starts at £11pp. From discussing how the clinic could work for you to following up after the clinic, you will be in contact with a dedicated member of the Business Development team who will work with you to tailor the clinic to your requirements and ensure your needs are met.

Health Checks for Businesses

Qured’s Annual Health Checks allow employees to better understand their health and how to manage and improve it. This is vital for companies to be able to move forward as productively and profitably as possible. For an office of 90 employees, ill health causes one full year of working time to be lost - equivalent to having one less staff member. Additionally, for an office of 49 employees, the company will lose £26,972 per year due to employee sick days.

The purpose of the health checks is to gain a thorough medical understanding of an individual with the aim to create a robust management plan so the person can lead a healthier life. Ultimately, this could result in your workforce requiring less sick days and therefore allow your company to become more productive and profitable.

Lunch and Learn

Qured can host a variety of Lunch & Learns at your office. These can be organised as informal group discussions, scheduled presentations or a mix of the two. Each Lunch & Learn is facilitated by a Qured medical practitioner with allotted time for one-on-one questions following the event, so any personal questions can be asked. These can be designed for employees or HR/management teams wanting to understand how to best support their own needs.

Our topics currently include: mental health, general health, women’s health, preventing office based injuries, physio discussions and Covid-19. If you have something specific in mind let us know and we will look into creating a unique Lunch & Learn for you. 

These will be organised to fit with Covid-19 regulations and can be held online for any teams working from home or limiting visits to offices.

Corporate Memberships

Qured’s Corporate Memberships allow companies of all sizes to give their employees healthcare benefits at an affordable rate. Qured in-person visits (GP and physio) operate in a mobile capacity meaning our practitioners will be able to attend wherever is most convenient for your employees, be that the office or home. 

We offer 4 different types of membership, each designed to allow companies to choose what would fit them and their team best.


Give your employees unlimited access to a doctor and avoid long waits and time out of the office, leading to increased productivity and engagement.

Bronze Membership



per employee/month
  • Unlimited phone consultations.
  • Discounted in-person GP visits (home or office).

Silver Membership



per employee/month
  • Unlimited phones consultations.
  • 5 in-person GP visits (home or office) per employee, per year.

Gold Membership



per employee/month
  • Unlimited phones consultations.
  • Unlimited in-person GP visits (home or office).
  • Discounted corporate events.



We work with select insurance providers to give London-based members access to our on-demand doctors or physiotherapists. Your out-of-pocket for a Qured on-demand doctor or physiotherapy appointment is set by your insurance plan.
To find out what services are covered by your insurance provider and your specific plan, give us a call at +44 333 016 4411. If you are an insurance company looking to increase access to healthcare for your members send us an email.

Our partners

Qured handles the health and wellness of many groups across London by bringing a doctor or physiotherapist straight to the door when needed. From hotel guests and gym members to employees and insurance members, Qured provides a human solution for every aspect of your population’s wellbeing that boosts overall health and productivity.

Qured is the on-demand solution to your population’s health and wellbeing needs. When an employee gets ill we will make it as easy as possible for them to get treatment. With Qured, your population will have access to high quality on-demand doctors and physiotherapists either at home or at pop-up on-site clinics.

Qured, London's best private doctors delivered to your door