At Qured, our patients always come first. Our main aim is to make sure you receive hassle-free, comfortable and prompt treatment. Listen to what some of our patients have to say about their experience:













“It was really quick and easy. The doctor came round and sorted out the problem straight away!” Charlie, Patient

“It literally took two minutes to register, which was absolutely brilliant.”
Ellie, Patient

“I was really impressed. I have three little ones under three years old, and trying to get to a doctor with all of them is stressful. Couldn’t recommend Qured more.” Louisa, Patient

“It doesn’t get more convenient! Dr Amy was at my house within two hours of ordering and was of great help after I’ve gotten into an accident last night.” Cindy, Patient

“Having a busy work schedule means it’s hard to find the time to book an appointment with my GP, making this service really convenient.” Alan, Patient

“The doctor was with us rapidly and had good bedside manner. A must-have app for parents!” Nick, Patient

“Before going on holiday I realised I wasn’t well on the day of departure. Using the app I managed to get a doctor to come to my office an hour later. Great service – would definitely recommend it.” Henry, Patient

“After feeling so horrendous yesterday I have so much love for Qured! Feeling great today!” Isobel, Patient

I found physiotherapist Trudy Wood to be a truly genuine and excellent professional and regard the service received to be impeccable. In a matter of weeks my brother who was previously bedridden, was able to move from his bed and is getting stronger over the weeks.” Joy, Patient