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London's Best Doctors
Our private doctors are available across Greater London, so there is no need to wait weeks for an appointment with a GP at your local surgery.
Private Doctor Home Visits
Our doctor or physiotherapist will arrive at your home, workplace or hotel in no time, so you can get well sooner.
Available Seven Days a Week
Qured provides experienced private doctors and physiotherapists to you 7 days a week, at a location of your convenience.

About Us

We all know that getting the right care when you need it can be hard.

Our founders believed there had to be a better way, to fit in with Londoners’ busy lifestyles.

Qured’s affordable doctor and physio appointments are revolutionising your patient experience: no travel, no wait, just great care.

Qured. Bringing healthcare home.

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Simply download the app from the App Store or Google Play Store and register to book your first appointment. A doctor or physiotherapist will come to your home, place of work, or hotel in as little as 2 hours, so you can start getting better, sooner.

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What we offer

healthcare at your convenience

Doctor visits

We treat your acute ailments, so you can feel better, sooner. From sore throats or ear ache, to chest infections and UTI's, we have a team of highly-experienced GPs, paediatricians and hospital physicians to give you simply great care.

At Home Physiotherapy

Our expert physiotherapists treat a wide range of conditions, from sports injuries to post-op rehab and everything in between. They will work with you to get you back to optimal movement and function, with expert guidance and treatments.

Phone Consultations

It’s easier than ever to speak to a doctor. A Qured phone consultation is a convenient, affordable way to discuss any health concerns you may have privately. Our GPs offer referrals and prescriptions over the phone, so you can cut the wait.

Qured Corporate

Qured offer a wide range of workplace wellbeing services, from office doctor appointments to physiotherapy. Qured Corporate provides quality care at your employees' convenience, saving employers time and money.


Qured offer a range of immunisations, including flu and chickenpox delivered at your home, in the office or at your hotel. We also offer vaccinations and advice for travel medicine, such as hepatitis A or B and diptheria.

New Products

We are continually developing our offering to help you live your best, healthiest life. We regularly update our app, so download or update it today to make sure you can benefit from our latest products and services.

Our Private Doctors and Physiotherapists

meet some of our experienced and talented team

  • Ed Hatley

    Dr Ed Hatley

    Dr Ed Hatley is Qured’s Chief Clinical Adviser. He has been practicing medicine for 20 years, with a background in surgery, before becoming an NHS GP partner. He also runs a successful Harley Street clinic and is a longstanding member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

  • Dr Umair Qureshi

    Dr Umair Qureshi is a London based GP with an interest in emergency medicine and aesthetics. Umair splits his time working for the NHS and for Qured.

  • Dr Anne Schweikart

    Dr Schweikart trained at Berlin Charite, and worked in surgery and orthopaedics before focusing on emergency medicine in London. She is an experienced A&E registrar and one of Qured’s most popular doctors. In her free time Dr Schweikart enjoys snow sports and is a qualified ski instructor.

  • Dr Tom Kaier

    Dr Tom Kaier is an experienced hospital doctor in general medicine. He has a particular interest in cardiology and is researching a new blood test that could transform the way heart attacks are diagnosed.

  • Dr Safina Dewan

    Dr Safina Dewan completed her medical training at St George’s University of London in 2011. She is one of Qured’s busiest doctors and enjoys working as a private and NHS GP in West London. In her free time, Safina loves running and skiing.

  • Dr Yousef Basma

    Dr Basma completed his training in in 2010 and has worked in hospitals across London as a paediatrician, with a special interest in emergency paediatrics and the care of newborn babies. In his free time he is a keen footballer and Arsenal fan.

Cindy H.
Cindy H.

It doesn’t get more convenient! Dr Amy was at my house within two hours of ordering and was of great help after I’ve gotten into an accident last night.


Louisa F.
Louisa F.

I was really impressed. I have three little ones under three years old, and trying to get to a doctor with all of them is stressful. Couldn’t recommend Qured more.

Before going on holiday I realised I wasn’t well on the day of departure. Using the app I managed to get a doctor to come to my office an hour later. Great service – would definitely recommend it


Nick L.
Nick L.

The doctor was with us rapidly and had good bedside manner. A must-have app for parents!




Joy M.
Joy M.

Trudy is a truly genuine and excellent professional and the whole physio service was impeccable. In a matter of weeks my previously-bedridden brother was back on his feet and is getting stronger by the day.

Isobel A.
Isobel A.

After feeling so horrendous yesterday I have so much love for Qured! Feeling great today!





convenient affordable care

Doctor Visit

from £90

  • A full 20 minute consultation
  • 7 days a week
  • 8:30am - 10pm
  • 2 hour Priority visits from £130
  • Additional charges may apply
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Phone Consultation

from £25

  • Full telephone consultation with a GP
  • Instant access to expert medical advice
  • Free of charge if you then book a visit
  • Prescriptions available
  • Additional charges for ancillaries apply
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Physio Visit

from £80

  • Initial assessment + treatment £80
  • Follow-up treatments from £80
  • Injuries + aches and pains
  • Post-op & neurological rehab
  • Elderly care and mobility
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Other Services

starting at £35

  • Membership from £35 a month
  • Includes unlimited doctors appointments
  • Vaccinations from £40
  • Flu vaccines and travel medicines available
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Qured allows patients to book affordable face-to-face appointments with highly experienced doctors, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals at a location of their choosing. Check out our How It Works page for more information.
Qured treats minor acute medical conditions, please see What We Treat page for a sample list of conditions. For accidents and emergencies, please see local A&E department. Qured also offers physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists can help you get back to your optimal movement and function with expert guidance and manual treatments. We cover a wide range of conditions from neck pain and sports injuries to tendonitis and chronic pain.
A practitioner can visit you at your home, place of work, hotel or any other convenient location. We recommend that the appointment takes place in a private area where you feel comfortable.
Qured practitioners are made up of local community GPs, qualifying GP registrars, hospital doctors, advanced nurse practitioners and physiotherapists. All of our practitioners have at least three years’ experience post-registration and have expertise in a range of medical specialties.
You can download the Qured healthcare app free from the Apple and Android App Stores. The app is available for iOS 8.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and Android 4.0 or later. Alternatively you can book a physiotherapy or medical appointment online <<or call our helpful booking team on +44 (0)333 016 4411.