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Physiotherapy and mental health

The effect of physiotherapy on mental health

You know what they say: ‘healthy body, healthy mind’. As with most age old proverbs, there is of course some great wisdom behind this particular nugget. Modern healthcare professionals acknowledge the need to treat patients holistically, taking care of their physical and emotional needs, and how their lifestyle also impacts on their mental health. But […]

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Video Doctors

Just how effective are video doctors?

Visiting the doctor in the UK can be a hassle. It often includes using up precious holiday entitlement, missing something you have previously planned, or having to opt for the earliest appointment at the crack of dawn two weeks away. What’s more, the strain on GPs and the costs of missed appointments don’t seem to […]

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Already Optimized

Tired or something more? Separating illness from exhaustion

Feeling tired is just part of the normal weekly routine, right? We wake up on Mondays wishing we could feel a bit fresher, wondering why we passed on naptime as kids. The normal humdrum motions of adult life can often leave us feeling like our energy levels are on the low side. But how can […]

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man receiving physiotherapy massage

The difference between occupational therapy and physical therapy

Occupational therapy and physical therapy are often confused with each other – and it’s not hard to see why. Both forms of therapy are often used to help patients recover from illness and injury. In fact, the two fields were once considered as one. Reconstruction aides, who helped to rehabilitate injured soldiers during the First […]

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boy blowing his nose

What causes allergies?

It seems as if we all know at least one person who is allergic to something – whether it be to peanuts, sesame seeds, fish or dust mites. To many, allergies are an inconvenience that can disrupt normal life. Many of us will be familiar to the weepy, itchy eyes and runny noses caused by […]

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January Blues: When should I be worried?

It’s that time of the year again when the joy and exhilaration of Christmas has ended, and reality has finally dawned. And amongst the plethora of advice and motivation to turn a new leaf, become active, healthy and stop smoking (all for the benefit of your long-term health) there also seems to be a growing […]

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box of tissues and a mug

Everything you need to know about winter flu

There are many things that come to mind when we think of the winter season. Cold weather. Occasional snow. Wooly hats. Unfortunately, we also associate this chilly time of year with the dreaded flu. Realistically, this cold wintery weather isn’t going to go away anytime soon. Therefore, now is as good a time as ever […]

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Assorted painkillers

Weathering the storm: should you go without painkillers?

We’ve been taking painkillers since man first started gathering plants and food from the land. Nature has a bounty of botanical remedies that help ease pain, and throughout history different cultures have found natural painkillers to cure their aches and pains. For the ancient Egyptians, it was the leaves from the myrtle bush. Europeans opted […]

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orange telephone on a wooden table

Should I call 111?

When it comes to emergencies, everybody knows that 999 is the number to call. The number is ingrained into us from a very early age, and is a quick and easy means of contacting a local hospital in the event of a medical emergency. However, not all medical issues require the services of 999. So […]

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young baby in white blanket

How you can set up a baby’s health and defences for life

There has been a huge leap forward in terms of the research that has come available over the last ten years around the gut and its inhabitants, which are more commonly known as microbiota. The research has focused on the role microbiota play in governing the overall healthy functionality of the body and the immune […]

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