Frequently asked questions

Qured allows patients to book affordable face-to-face appointments with highly experienced doctors, physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals at a location of their choosing. Check out our How It Works page for more information.
Qured treats minor acute medical conditions, please see What We Treat page for a sample list of conditions. For accidents and emergencies, please see local A&E department. Qured also offers physiotherapy. Our physiotherapists can help you get back to your optimal movement and function with expert guidance and manual treatments. We cover a wide range of conditions from neck pain and sports injuries to tendonitis and chronic pain.
A practitioner can visit you at either your home, hotel or place of work. We recommend that the appointment takes place in a private area where you feel comfortable.
Qured practitioners are made up of local community GPs, qualifying GP registrars, hospital doctors, advanced nurse practitioners and physiotherapists. All of our practitioners have at least three years’ experience post-registration and have expertise in a range of medical specialties.
No, you do not have to de-register from your GPs list to use Qured. You will still be able to access your regular GP services in the normal way and Qured will communicate with them as appropriate to ensure continuity of care.
You can download the Qured healthcare app free from the Apple and Android App Stores. The app is available for iOS 8.0 or later, compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, and Android 4.0 or later. Alternatively you can book a physiotherapy or medical appointment online or call our helpful booking team on +44 (0)333 016 4411.
Qured appointments are available between 8.30am-10pm, seven days a week. Currently we operate across most of Greater London. We aim to have a doctor to your door within two hours for Priority appointments or within four hours for Same-Day appointments' Physiotherapy appointments can be booked Same-Day, to be seen in as little as four hours
We make every effort to ensure a practitioner will arrive at your door within the agreed timeframe. However, there are rare circumstances outside our control where demand exceeds practitioner supply, and therefore the waiting time may exceed our normal service levels.
Doctor appointments are 20 minutes long. Within that time you can have multiple ailments seen to, to make the most of your time with the practitioner. If you need a longer appointment, extra time is also available – just speak to your practitioner. Initial physiotherapy consultations are 60 minutes long. Thereafter appointments will last either 30 minutes or 45 minutes, depending on the condition and as advised by the physiotherapist in the initial consultation.
Qured membership allows patients to access unlimited doctor appointments, 7 days a week, via the Qured app. Additional extras are also included, such as written scripts, referrals and sick notes. Annual and monthly packages are available.
Priority doctor appointments (within 2 hours) Weekday: £120 Weekend: £150 Bank Holiday: £180. Scheduled or Same-Day appointment Weekday: £90 Weekend: £120 Bank Holiday: £150. Ancillary Charges: Prescription: £10 Referral: £25 Sick Note: £20. If you have a membership package, the cost of the consultation is included in the package, as well as all ancillaries. A 60 minute initial physiotherapy consultation costs £100 during working office hours. During the weekend and on weekday evenings, the initial consultation costs £120. Follow up consultations range between £60 and £100 depending on the time of day and the length of consultation.
Payment will be taken from your registered credit card or debit card through the Qured app or our online booking system. You will receive a receipt via email for your reference.
Appointments are available on demand, and your practitioner will typically call you within 5 minutes of booking. They will notify you when they are on their way so you know when to expect them. You are also able to book treatment up to seven days in advance.
To cancel a membership, please email hello@qured.com with your name, address and email address and we will process within 2 working days. Please note, you must notify us within 7 working days of the next payment being taken, otherwise you will incur the following payment. Please note: there is an initial 3 month minimum term on a monthly membership.
If you require emergency treatment, please call 999 or 111 or attend your local Accident and Emergency department. We do not treat emergency conditions.
If, after you have been assessed in person by one of our practitioners, they decide that you need to go to A&E, you will be directed in the appropriate fashion. If the practitioner speaks to you on the telephone first, and directs you to A&E before seeing you, you will be refunded to the value of a phone consultation.
Your notes will be stored on our encrypted servers, using industry-leading security protocols. You will be able to access your notes in the Qured app, so you can share them with your local GP or physiotherapist.
Qured practitioners cannot currently give medication during an appointment, but they can prescribe medications once you have been assessed. You can take the prescription to your local pharmacy or we can arrange to have it delivered to your door.
Yes, however we do not prescribe controlled drugs: this includes sleeping pills, benzodiazepines and some opiate-based painkillers. We don't currently prescribe drugs for conditions which need ongoing monitoring.
Yes – in most cases this will incur an additional cost of approximately £20-30, including the price of the medication. The service will take between one and four hours, with medication delivery scheduled during the day.
Aetna members can benefit from Qured doctor and physio care under their plans. Qured is in-network for physiotherapy with Axa, Aetna, Bupa and Cigna. Most travel insurance companies will also cover Qured medical appointments. Please email us at hello@qured.com for more information or to check if we work with your provider.
Yes, once you have been assessed your Qured practitioner can organise a referral to a private care provider but not the NHS. If you would like your local GP to be involved in ongoing care following the referral, please let your Qured practitioner have your GP details. This will ensure that your GP knows that you have been referred; and that after your appointment with the specialist, the GP will receive a letter about their findings. If you do not want your GP to know you are being referred, we will direct the specialist to liaise with you directly. Qured does not provide ongoing care following the referral, therefore we strongly advise that you have a GP in place following your referral. A referral letter is charged at an additional £25.
Once you have been seen by a specialist, any ongoing care required will occur between your specialist and you, and your GP if you so wish. Qured does not currently provide follow-up care post-referral.
Qured practitioners can issue sick/fit to work notes if appropriate. A sick/fit to work note is charged at an additional £20 for a one-off booking, but is included in membership packages.
If you cancel the appointment within 10 minutes of booking, then you will not be charged. If you cancel more than 10 minutes after booking, you will be charged 50% of the appointment fee. If you are on a membership package and cancel more than 10 minutes after booking, this will equate to 0.5 of an appointment from your usage.
We do not treat people for emergencies, chronic disease management or those requiring opiate based painkillers, benzodiazepines or sleeping pills.